For years, I’ve provided a wide variety of services to a diverse group of companies. Below is a list of my primary services and examples of my experiences.

An overview of the projects I’ve worked on:
– TV shows, commercials, and pilots.
– Short films and feature films.
– Corporate, legal, medical, and educational videos.

Production Coordinator:
On large, high-budget projects, I dive into the details and coordinate every aspect of the shoot including  cast, locations, crew, gear, and meals.

– High Noon Entertainment – Two Chicks and a Hammer Pilot & Season 1
– Magnet Films – Various Local Broadcast Commercials
– USA Network & The Traveling Picture Show – WWE Raw Spots
– Feature Film – WALTER – shot for a week in Indianapolis

Producer and/or Assistant Director:
As producer, I oversee the whole project including fundraising, budgets, schedules, hiring crew, assisting with creative decisions, and marketing & distribution strategy. When on set as AD, I keep the train moving and know the shoot schedule and all the pieces better than anyone else on set.

– DWA Healthcare – ‘Sarge’ Short Film – Producer and AD
– Road Pictures – Lutheran Foundation – Mental Health Promo – AD

Camera Operator/Editor:
Although I primarily provide production services, I still love to get behind a camera and edit too. I can create HD web deliverable and corporate content with my own gear.

– St. Vincent Sports Performance – Promotional Videos of Training NBA Players
– Avant Healthcare – Various Educational Videos
– Circle City Reporting – Legal Videography

If you would like to hire me, please contact me below.