I love how film is a complex mash-up of stories, audio and visual, creativity and business. It all comes down to telling great stories, but the challenge makes it especially intoxicating.

Check out my IMDB page to see some of my filmmaking credits!

Since Halloween 2012, I’ve operated under my production company, Renegade Stories LLC. Currently going through a rebrand, Renegade’s website will launch in winter 2017. In the meantime, I’m developing Renegade’s first solo short film and in talks to direct a short with another group.

Here are two of Renegade’s Past Projects:

SARGE the movie:

Produced in conjunction with DWA Healthcare, SARGE is a terrific story detailing the struggle of a WWII veteran struggling with dementia in an assisted-living facility.

The film is currently making the film festival round and has already been accepted to multiple film festival. Sarge won Best Drama at the St. Louis Film Festival Showcase  beating out 44 other films.

Please check out the film’s website here! sargethemovie.com


Out of the Basement is a dark tale concerning the mysterious and impious circumstances of Owen’s younger brother Danny’s apparent suicide.

The film enjoyed a limited festival run with seven festival acceptances and a few award wins. I helped produce and assisted directed. You can watch the film here!